Active Care POS. Problems Solved.



Active Care POS was developed specifically for the Rehab Therapy industry. It integrates with your EMR/EHR to make it easy and fast for clinicians to recommend products to their patients in the documentation or flowsheet during an evaluation, because it works where and the way they do.

Anyone at the front desk can see therapist product recommendations in the Scheduler, and can easily handle the retail transaction with the patient–all within the EMR. This enables you to ensure your patients have all the tools they need to achieve optimal outcomes without having to make an extra trip to the store or get lost online.



You may not always have access to your EMR, or your EMR company may have not integrated the Active Care POS yet. Maybe you don’t even use an EMR.

No problem, you can use Active Care POS as a standalone system without an EMR too. Whether you are in the clinic, or out in the field, you can use the standalone POS to recommend products to patients, and handle the checkout with the same Therapist-RX functionality found in the integrated version.

Simply login at on your computer, or mobile device, and you’ll have point of sale functionality when and where you need it.


We’ve heard the same thing from too many organizations. In an era of declining reimbursements and increasing numbers of patient self-discharge, many clinics adopt an in-clinic retail program in hopes of increasing their bottom line, only to find the products are walking out the door for a myriad of reasons. Instead of a fiscal bump, they ended up with a cash drain.

Active Care POS stops the bleeding. Now you can manage your retails sales and your clinic supplies through one easy system.Your staff will now check-out the clinic supplies they need with the “Clinic Supply” button so you’ll always know who took what, what’s on the shelf, at any location, from anywhere.


You will never outgrow this system. From a single location clinic to an enterprise with thousands of locations, Active Care POS was built to work the way you need it to, and grow with you.

  • Location Grouping. Group your locations any way you want.
  • Supply chain. Replenishment orders, auto-replenishment with par levels, and purchase order management all make it easy to maintain your inventory with minimal work, and makes the receiving process extremely efficient.


The system comes pre-loaded with all the Active Care product bundles. But your clinicians can also create custom product bundles, and  they can even choose which locations to share them with.

This makes it fast and easy to choose the products they want to recommend, with the products they recommend most.


With powerful tracking and reporting, you can aggregate your data to see who’s recommending products, who isn’t, what your retail breakdown is by appointment type, and to see the entire trail from therapist, front desk and patient. This includes modified or canceled orders, including why the orders were changed and canceled.

Active Care POS in 3 minutes.

Is a $20 New-Patient-Average Possible?

In our second phase of beta testing, we launched the Active Care POS into a physical therapy organization with six locations. This particular organization already had a pretty successful retail program to begin with, we were eager to see what difference the integrated POS would have.

Read the results.


Why not just use an off-the-shelf POS like Square?

There’s hundreds of off-the-shelf POS systems out there. From Square to Vend, you’ll notice something interesting–they all kind of seem the same.
So why is it that many rehab clinics haven’t embraced retail?